Have you been around online for any length of time? Do get frustrated trying to get your name out there? If so, I imagine you’ve probably heard of attraction marketing. What is Attraction marketing? Attraction marketing is the use of very specific marketing techniques designed to educate your customers on the value of what you are doing.

Most importantly, it educates them well before they purchase your product or service. It’s the way to position yourself as the expert. The biggest benefactors of Attraction Marketing are Multi-Level marketers. Attraction marketing moves us away for the NFL (No Friend Left Club) whereby allowing us to create a brand called you, rather than a specific company.

Like any business, it all comes down to marketing. Instead of thinking the conventional processes of building your MLM, build an audience, build a following, build a tribe. Then anything you mention will sell. You don’t have to pitch anything. Attraction marketing is all about building relationships, by giving away value to build rapport, authority and trust with people; to a point where people want to buy from you or work with you because they know you and trust you.

The most important thing that you can do is hang around inspirational, positive people… People who are already doing what you want to do.  Do yourself a huge favor… stay away from the naysayers. This is why I love My Lead System Pro. So many inspiring and positive people. If you are just kicking off and have never worked online I would probably recommend MLSP.

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